C-Bag can maintain an anaerobic condition for your sample. If a protein sample is easily degraded through oxidation, this bag can help maintain sample quality. For anaerobic crystallization experiments, the crystallization cells and even the vapor-diffusion crystallization plates can be placed in this


  • High gas barrier with SiOx layer
  • Protect your sample from oxydation by attached oxygen absorber and oxygen indicator.
  • Observation of the sample is easy through the transparent film. Color change of the oxygen indicator monitors you whether anaerobic condition is kept at a glance.
Base film PET film (12μm) of SiOx vacuum-coated
Water vapor transmission rate

0.08 g/(㎡・d) (40℃, 90%RH) Data as laminated film.

Oxygen transmission rate

0.1 c㎥/(㎡・24hr・MPa) (25℃, 80%RH) Data as laminated film.

Oxygen absorber Absorbs oxygen in a sealed container and creates a deoxidized environment,
where the concentration of oxygen is 0.1% or less.

How to assemble


  • About thermo-sealing machine
    • It is recommended that C-Bag is completely sealed with thermo-sealing machine. Then the effects of oxygen absorber can be expected.
    • We recommend to use T-series, P-series, PC-series thermo-sealing machine manufactured by Fuji Impulse.
  • About oxygen absorber
    • The oxygen absorber can be used in the freezing temperature. However, the oxygen absorbing speed becomes extremely slow. (at -20C, it takes 3 to 4 weeks before the oxygen-free condition is reached.) But when the temperature returns to room temperature, the oxygen absorbing speed returens to the original speed.
    • In the case of acidic products or products with alcohol or a pH adjuster, etc, rust may be generated.
    • The main constituent of the oxygen absorber is a specially-treated iron powder. When iron is oxidised, it absorbs oxygen in the process. The result is deoxidation of the sealed container through oxidation, preventing bad effects to the products.
  • About oxygen indicator
    • When exposed to oxygen, the oxygen indicator turns to blue or purple, then returns to its original pink color as the oxygen in the container is absorbed (<0.1%). Please seal C-Bag as quickly as possible.
    • Please make sure that the color of oxygen indicator is pink before opening the sachet.
  • Custom-made C-Bag
    • You can order original C-Bag which fits to your experiment. Please contact us.


Catalogue ID Product name content / 1 set Qty/ 1 package Price (w/o tax) Application
MB2004-CRT601  C-Bag-S C-Bag-S 1
Oxygen absorber 1
Oxygen indicator 1
10 2,600 JPN 【Sample storage】
1.5ml microtube X 2
MB2004-CRT602  C-Bag-L C-Bag-L 1
Oxygen absorber 1
Oxygen indicator 1
10 5,000 JPN 【Experiment】

Protein crystallization plate

(150mmx117mm) X 1