• C-Tube is a crystallization tool for obtaining crystals for X-ray diffraction experiment using a counter-diffusion method.
    • C-Tube kit
    • C-Tube starter kit
    • C-Tube-LC (Crystallization cell for larger crystal)
    • Crystallization devices for space experiment


C-Tube Kit

C-Tube is a protein crystallization tool for X-ray diffraction experiments.
Crystals grow in capillarires using a counter-diffusion mechanism.
One set includes 24 trials.

Size of the tool

Very little space is required for crystallizaiton set-up.

Easy set-up The Gel-tube already contains agarose in the silicon tube, making the crystallization set-up very easy.
Small amount of protein sample Only 2 micro-L per screening crystallization condition. Only 10 micro-L per diffractive-grade crystal.
Favorable crystallization condition

The timing of crystallization can be controlled by Gel-tube length, the amount of protein solution in a capillary, and the concentration of protein and precipitant solution.

High reproducibility and reliability

JAXA uses this method for crystallization in space. After crystallizing over 400 different proteins, the C-Tube has proven its reliability and high reproducibility.

Long-term stability of crystals

Crystals grown in the capillary are stable over the long term, making it easy to soak crystals with another compound, such as a ligand or cryoprotectant.

Membrane protein crystallization

Phase separation due to concentrated detergent in the solution does not occur.

User manual

Download our user manual to learn about crystallization using C-Tube method.

C-Tube Starter Kit

The C-Tube starter kit contains an instruction manual; a CD with C-Profile, a 1-D simulation program for estimating the diffusion process in a capillary; and a tool that makes harvesting crystals easier. The tool is a reverse-type tweezers with a mechanical base that can hold a capillary stable.

Crystallization Cell for Larger Crystal (JCB-SLC)

JCB-SLC is a crystallization cell designed for growing larger crystals,
especially for neutron diffracton experiment.

Crystallization Devices for Space Experiment

We design and supply protein crystallization tools for JAXA Protein Crystal Growth Experiment (JAXA PCG).

JCB-SGT Starter Kit

JCB-SGT is designed for JAXA protein crystallization. The kit contains all the requirement for assembling a pair of JCB-SGT cells including gel-tubing and Φ0.5mm capillaries.

JCB-SGT Loading Tools

To help assemble JCB-SGT, this package contains a heat controller, a point sealer, an SGT holder, silicone tubing for loading the capillary, and sealing compound.

JCB-SGT Sealer and SealerStand

JCB-SGT Sealer with its special SealerStand is designed to seal a JCB-SGT after sample loading. The liquid does not spill off because the JCB-SGT stands up right in the sealer.