• C-Clinic is an interactive service which to find the best solutions to difficulties in a customer’s crystallization experiment. Choose from either or both of the phases in this service.

Non Protein Transfer Phase (NPT)

After receiving your calculations from C-Profile* and some basic information on your target protein, Confocal Science will provide, for a base fee, a crystallization kit with several kinds of optimized crystallization solutions and instructions. With detailed information from your crystallization trial, we can also provide an improved solution kit if necessary. If a fine crystal grows, you have the option of requesting the crystallization conditions for a contingency fee.

※ C-Profile is a program to calculate protein’s physicochemical properties from its FASTA sequence developed by Confocal Science.

Protein Transfer Phase (PT)

If crystals do not grow well, or if crystals are still unsatisfactory after the several trial, we may examine the sample quality. The customer is expected to provide us with a small amount of the protein sample under a material transfer agreement. We will evaluate it and report our recomendations.


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