■ Services

■ Service for Space Experiments

    Confocal Science provides experimental device and technology based on the extensive experience obtained from technical support of JAXA protein crystallization space experiments.
    Confocal Science is providing technical support for the "Kirara project" of Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation (JAMSS).
    Confocal Science has a professional services agreement with AXIOM SPACE, Inc. of the United States.

■ Service for Ground Experiments

  • C-Platform: An integrated service for the higher resolution crystallography.
  • C-ClinicAD: A "comprehensive assistance service" to solve problems in protein crystallization experiments. Confocal Science provides appropriate solutions to problems in protein purification, crystallization, structural analysis, etc.
  • C-Collection: X-ray diffraction data collection in Diamond Light Source in UK

■ Active learning services for junior high and high school students

  • Confocal Science provides active learning programs and technical support on the subject of protein crystallization.

■ Products

■ For space experiments

  • JCB-SGT:A flexble container for space experiments. There are a large number of on-board achievements.
  • JCB-SGT DX:A flexble container for space experiments. It can perform an experiment under deoxygenated conditions.

■ For ground experiments

  • C-Kit Ground Pro XRD: A protein crystal growth kit for X-ray diffraction experiments. No extensive screening required. Logical and low cost. Necessary tools for protein crystallization experiments using the counter-diffusion (CD) method based on a self-exploring mechanism and the newly developed DPOC method (effective for low-concentration protein samples and trace ligands), which adds a protein concentration function to the CD method, is included. >>C-Kit Ground Pro XRD user manual       >>Available from CosmoBio USA 
  • C-Kit Ground Pro ND: A protein crystal growth kit for neutron diffraction experiments. In order to obtain large crystals for neutron diffraction experiments, it includes the tools necessary for step-by-step research, from the experimental tool for examining crystallization conditions to the 2 mm-diameter quartz-large crystallization cell for direct diffraction experiment.
  • C-Kit Pro Advanced Tool: Two calculation programs (Excel VBA) to optimize your crystallization conditions and a crystal manipulation tool
  • C-Profile: Program to calculate protein’s physicochemical profiles from FASTA sequence
  • C-Bag: A set of oxygen absorbing storage bags to prevent deterioration of samples and reagents that are easily oxidized.
  • C-Bag DX: A compact deoxygenated culture set. Cancer cells, stem cells, and anaerobic bacteria can be easily cultured in a deoxygenated environment.

■ Active learning services for junior high and high school students

  • C-Kit EducationE/Space:"C-Kit Education/Space" are active learning kits for highschool students or higher on the theme of protein crystal growth. “C-Kit Education” is an experimental kit for science literacy education in class. "C-Kit Space“, an advanced kit, provides students the opportunity to take part in space experiment to crystallize their samples under the microgravity in ISS. This experiment can be implemented with the results obtained by the former kit. "C-Kit Space" will make students getting closer to the International Space Station(ISS).