Services & Products


  • C-Kit Ground Pro e-mail/video support : We provide on-line technical support on the concept of crystallization condition optimization and experimental methods by e-mail or video meeting. If the biochemical information of the target protein, crystallization conditions, and your results of crystal-experiment are disclosed, CS will identify candidate countermeasures to obtain good crystals.
  • C-PlatformAD: Two-phase integrated wervice for the higher resolution crystallography
  • C-ClinicAD: An interactive service to find the best solutions for crystallization experiment
  • C-Collection: X-ray diffraction data collection in Diamond Light Source in UK


  • C-Kit Ground Pro XRD: A protein crystal growth kit for X-ray diffraction experiments. No extensive screening required. Logical and low cost. Necessary tools for protein crystallization experiments using the counter-diffusion (CD) method based on a self-exploring mechanism and the newly developed DPOC method (effective for low-concentration protein samples and trace ligands), which adds a protein concentration function to the CD method, is included. >>C-Kit Ground Pro XRD user manual       >>Available from CosmoBio USA 
  • C-Kit Ground Pro ND: A protein crystal growth kit for neutron diffraction experiments. In order to obtain large crystals for neutron diffraction experiments, it includes the tools necessary for step-by-step research, from the experimental tool for examining crystallization conditions to the 2 mm-diameter quartz-large crystallization cell for direct diffraction experiment.
  • C-Kit Pro Advanced Tool: Two calculation programs (Excel VBA) to optimize your crystallization conditions and a crystal manipulation tool
  • C-Protein: High-quality protein samples
  • C-Profile: Program to calculate protein’s physicochemical profiles from FASTA sequence