Company profile

Capital Ten million yen
Address Musashino Bldg, 5-14-15 Fukasawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0081 Japan
Tel +81-3-3864-6606 (receive only); +81-3-5809-1561
FAX +81-3-6411-6261

About our company

Confocal Science Inc. was established in 1994.

Confocal Science Inc. is an integrated service company for protein crystallography. We have accumulated know-how to grow atomic-resolution protein crystals.


We offer integrated services to solve difficulty in your protein crystallization. We have accumulated a lot of know-how for the high resolution crystallography beyond 1 A. The outputs can be 
1) Materials: highly purified protein solution; high resolution flash-cooled crystals of protein-ligand complexes; etc. 
2) Data: X-ray diffraction data (F-data); 3-D refined coordinate (normatl and/or high resolution); etc. 
3) Protocols: purification; crystallization; ligand soaking; cryo- protection; etc. 
4) On-site services: Careful data collection at a synchrotron site, etc. 
Disclosure of identifiable protein information is not required.

We set and work toward the goal.